4P’s for Music Technologists

Essentially, most of us desire to be difference-makers in our world. Hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars later, we find ourselves still asking ourselves essential questions regarding our effectiveness in this huge world.

HOW can we be most EFFECTIVE? How do make the IMPACT we so deeply wish to make?

While many of us — justifiably so– utilize website rating services, spend countless hours browsing and commenting — we must be real and transparent. (Yes, especially in the political year!) So, what ARE the most important bullet points for actually acquiring something that is vital and real in this amoeba-like WEB 2.0 gestation?

First of all, as a very fallible guy with some terrible weaknesses, I share these thoughts — not as an elitist — but as a life-long learner. It is my heart’s desire to hear “well done…faithful one” when this trip’s all over! (Not planning on a reide soon.)

MUSIC + TECHNOLOGY + LOGIC = Music Technologists

IMPACT is essentially INFLUENCE. A basic recipe could include these primal ingredients when building a website that makes impact.

1. Patience. Surprised? Rome wasn’t built in a day. Actually, Web 2.0 is BIGGER than Rome! So, give it some time. John Maxwell states that we underestimate the power of TODAY. (TODAY MATTERS)

2. Practice. Remember the college practice room? Why would a college make the huge investment for rooms where students can only rehearse? Obviously, practice can lead to perfection.

3. Post. Yes. Post your thoughts. Post your knowledge and experiences that do have value to you and possibly to others. Post should be embedded in sound leadership principles vs. fluff. (Write to inform vs. writing to impress.)

4. Publish. Now that you’ve written it… push the post button! “The only thing we have to fear is… fear itself.” Never allow the fear of rejection by others on the stifle your creative thoughts. (None of us knows it all nor gets it right 100% of the time.) Publishers are those who have something VALUABLE to share.

Remember the 4P’s as you build your WEB 2.0 world!

What’s happening in YOUR world?