Italian Anyone?

So, what do the traditional singer and the non-traditional E Gtr dude have in common? Little you could say… and usually you’d be correct. Hold on!

Get this picture. “Big sis” just sang an ITALIAN AIR – Se Tu M’ami in a competition– at a Kiwanis competition tonight. Little brother — E gtr Christian band guy, presented his HOW TO RECORD IN PRO TOOLS podcast last week before the entire board of education. Talk about two worlds apart! Man.

Not TOO Faaaaaasttttt, buddy. Big sis actually started the ball rolling!

Her audition for competition team back in September was RECORDED in PRO TOOLS. I took her audition for soloist and for girls’ trio — which was also recorded “live” — to the N.S.M.I.T. Conference and to the TI:ME Conference in Grand Rapids!

Let me clarify. The genre, style of music to be recorded is irrelevant to the CONCEPT of using D.A.W. in the classroom! What’s dire is this.

These kids continually ASK to be recorded. The bottomline issue here isn’t the student. It isn’t the style of music. It’s the mindset of the TEACHER.

I’m not boasting. I’m saying to US. Let’s get relevant and socially on board with as many students as possible.

So, Italian anyone? If you can’t sing it… then let’s go EAT SOME ITALIAN. Both are excellent choices.

Whatz your thinkin’?

John Wilborn