Servers: Humanizing Digital Signal Flow

In the 21st Century, the term “server” is one of the most critical features in everything we do. The most frustrating information I hear in this digital age is: “THE SERVER IS DOWN! AGAIN!!

While we objectively agree that the digital age is designed to SERVE mankind, too often we sense that we must give inordinate amounts of time to serving the digital age demands placed upon us daily.

In our local high school, the TECH CLUB met this week to discuss our ROLE as youthful, digital NATIVES. Albeit, most of our students are at the ripe ages of 14-17, these young men and women desire to reverse the flow of digital demand. Here’s how.

The academic demands in our high school are truly rigorous. Often, students with the GREATEST academic demands push themselves to the point of getting sick. Often they come to school when they SHOULD NOT! They tell us that they “can’t afford to miss school!”

The question is, “What can WE do to serve?”. These students want to direct their efforts into saving CLASSROOM LECTURES in CORE CLASSES!


After demonstrating the recording abilities of an iMac via Garageband — using only the built in i-mic — during yesterday’s club meeting, students agreed that they would SERVE their fellow classmates by recording daily PODCASTS of core classes – math, english, science and history.  Literally, 5 minutes following the meeting, Garageband formatted a 45-minute session (normalizing the audio).  By clicking “share with iTunes“, a podcast was available for sharing with the world.

Not only did we use an iMac to record a 45-minute Tech Club meeting but we used THE TECH TOOL of 2008 — an iPod. The Belkin Tunetalk was quickly attached by snapping it into the iPod’s base.  The screen immediately brightened and waited for a single click to begin a VOICE MEMO.  With the next SYNC with iTunes, an MP3 formatted audio was ready for rapid upload or email.

Our GAME PLAN is to SERVE our fellow teachers and thus our fellow students by honing our technology at hand into the hands of humans in need.

Do we want to see TEST SCORES rise in our schools? Do we wish to see every student reach their POTENTIAL? We have a helpful strategy in our possession.  If posting podcasts is good enough for UNIVERSITIES & COLLEGES via UTunes, then it is certainly a BEST PRACTICE that I believe we should and CAN adopt in our local school(s).

How do you view the collaborative effort of students and teachers to podcast all lectures? A few lectures?  Core classes? What is the appropriate order of priority once podcasting begins?


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