What is it? Broadcasting + IPods. Here’s what I’ve done with my students.  We are using 11 iMac computers in iLife to create podcasts. Via Garageband, students are easily able to create STORY – BASED podcasts with their own music created within GB. All it takes is a headset with a working mic. GB is amazingly easy to operate. Click n Drag sound loops of varying instruments into a NEW TRACK. Stack them. Create tracks that are musical by layering the tracks as you wish!

Composing has never been easier for the non-traditional musician or music student. I have students type out their story line that will be read into the podcast. That way, it’s like a teleprompter for the “news reporter”. (We created a NEWS STORY) as our first podcast.

Sound effects come built in and are easily dragged into the mix.

Pictures can be added as well making it an ENHANCED PODCAST! How cool.

Want to send it to Grandma? The principal? or post on your school website?  In Garageband, click on SHARE.

Share it to iTunes. Burn it to a CD. Then sync your own song creation to your iPod.


Let me know your thoughts!


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