Elluminating your world

Just when all seems dark and dreary — at least in economic times — there are NEW opp’s that burst on the scene. Sometimes innovation meets solidarity, i.e., a solid wall of resistance. New ideas cost money! Why do we need THAT? It uses too much internet (bandwidth). Maybe you haven’t been faced with solidarity but most educators have and do. The answer? It appears that our instructional approach should “appear” for our students.

While the use of AV has been promulgated by every researcher and journal article-ist, the exact course of action isn’t clear. For example, projection systems are not new but they are an effective way to display powerpoint, photos and movies for instructional purposes. What happens when you want to take a FIELD TRIP with your students…without leaving the campus? Virtual touring. How does the “average” teacher do such a thing?

My suggestion is that you consider using ELLUMINATE (http://knowledgebank.globalteacher.org.au/elluminate).  In basics terms, here is what you can do with Elluminate.

What is Elluminate?

Elluminate is an online application allowing a group of people to communicate in real time through an internet connected computer. You use your own computer to listen, speak to others and participate in activities. All users enter a ‘room’ at a set time, where different people take on the roles of participants, presenters and facilitators. Elluminate vRoom is a FREE product for real-time collaboration with up to three participants. Features include two-way voice-over-IP audio, interactive whiteboard, direct messaging, application sharing, file transfer, web touring, live video, and breakout rooms.elluminate_


4 thoughts on “Elluminating your world

    • Beth “the Elluminate godess of communication”, whom I do not know, posted a THANKS for illuminating Elluminate. So, if you are interested, check out her link.

  1. Instructional approach shall always be updated, modified and developed over time. As music educators, we need to prioritize good, effective and useful music teaching resources and strategies to mold, create and make highly motivated and enthusiastic students. That’s why I always integrate technology especially the power of the internet into my music teaching experiences. I appreciate the benefits and features that Internet brings to the classroom as my students enjoy it, too. These kinds of music teaching software and websites deserve appreciation and acknowledgment. Please consider more piano teaching tips on your next posts.

  2. I use Elluminate both in my classes and across schools. I have found that students are instantly engaged by it and it has revolutionised my teaching practice. Not to mention the amazing learning I can get from other people ready to share their skills through Elluminate!

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