R & R Time

As musicians, music educators, music instructional techies, music this and music that — we work, work, work! When we’re not WORKING, we’re possibly BLOGGING!

The old addage “It ain’t ART if it ain’t got HEART” is true.  As creative artists, we must allow TIME for ourselves to rekindle the artistic fires within oursevles. Just this evening, we’ve bought a couple of TIKI candles for the back yard.  I found that the WICK doesn’t do anything without the FUEL.

During seasons of potential R & R, we must take the time to rest and relax. WHY? To keep the fires of creativity, freshness and vibrancy alive in our ART and HEART.

I hope you’ll find time to LIGHT THE WICK… but you’ve got to FILL THE TANK first!! Running low on the fuel needed to be creative?  Take some time to buy a TIKI TORCH @ Wally World.  Sit on the porch. Listen  to the MUSIC OF THE SPHERES when you can.

Go light YOUR torch! The artisitic world will be glad you did.


2 thoughts on “R & R Time

  1. Schools alone cannot do this; but together, schools, families, and communities can develop creative solutions to meet the diverse needs of all young people. ,

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