Music Education Blogger!


I am proud to be a Music Education Blogger! If you haven’t joined the ME Blog? What R U waiting on?Christmas? That’s too far away. But these guys are here. Right now and we are willing to help YOU become a better music tech educator. You’ll glad that you “blogged on”.

2 thoughts on “Music Education Blogger!

  1. John,

    Just wanted to let you know that I can SEE you are really becoming active with the Web 2.0 world and getting out of the box! I love your new theme.

    Also you emailed me awhile back asking about my presentation from Michigan. It has been up on the web and can be found here in it’s entirety, you can find my link to it here:

    As soon as time permits!!! 🙂 I will be posting some of my othere recent powerpoints as well. This summer we will have to get together and plan a 2009 campaign! Start thinking about what it can be!

    Best regards,

    J. Pisano

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