The Moving Sidewalk Analogy

Recently I was rushing through the airport — late as ALWAYS! I saw the moooooooving sidewalks. “Yes!” I thought, “It’s the perfect answer. I can get to the same destination but only faster.”

As teachers, we are called to be just that — moving sidewalks. We serve our students by facilitating them throughout the CONCOURSE. As the ULTIMATE FACILITATORS, we carry our students along with us!

How have YOU played the role of a MOVING SIDEWALK recently? Think about it. Post a comment and let me know!


7 thoughts on “The Moving Sidewalk Analogy

  1. Hi John,

    Welcome to blog world. It is great to see that you have joined this venture that Joe Pisano ( has set forth for music educators. Is was a real pleasure meeting you in Grand Rapids and I look forward to our continued conversing on all issues related to music, music education, and music technology. Blessings!

    V. Keith Mason
    “Music Tech for ME”

  2. Hi John,

    Nice analogy.

    My teaching assignment plus my private students gives me a fairly wide spectrum of students, from beginners through relatively advanced students. For my more experienced students, I feel my role is more to facilitate their learning as you described. For my beginners, however, I definitely feel that my job – to continue your analogy – is to direct them to from the parking lot to the terminal to the right gate.

    Music Ed Lounge

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